Dr. Najaf Imran

Senior Lecturer


  • PhD Scholar: University of Karachi.
  • MPhil from University of Karachi.
  • Pharm-D From Jinnah university For-Women, Karachi.

Work Experience

  • Lecturer in Salim Habib University (November 2021-September 2022).
  • Lecturer in Jinnah University for Women (February 2018- November 2021).
  • Student Advisor in Jinnah University for Women (January 2019-November 2021).
  • Pharmacist in Saifee Hospital July-September 2017.
  • Internship at Dr. Ziauddin Hospital in June-July 2015.
  • Internship at Abbasi Shaheed Hospital in January 2016.
  • Internship at Epla Laboratories in QC department in June 2016.


Formulation development, emulgels, nanoparticles, topical preparation, gel


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