Workshops give students the chance to study and gain perspective on a variety of topics while inspiring them to pursue new interests. They are typically designed to encourage a facilitator to give each attendee personal attention. Participants in a workshop must adopt a hands-on approach to immediately put the skills they are learning into practice while also being evaluated so they are aware of the desired results.

Why this Workshop is important?

The aim of this workshop varies from faculty to faculty, but there are several cross-discipline and general workshops. Additionally, the workshop’s basic goal—to help students improve their skills while also increasing their learning curve—remains the same. The following are some examples of purpose:

  1. Offering the students an opportunity to explore a subject in-depth and with relevant details.
  2. understanding of the ideas and their outcomes
  3. acquiring a variety of specialised knowledge. enhancing one’s capacity for learning and analysis
  4. Supporting new ideas and methods to handling issues