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Chancellor, who will be its ChairmanProf. Dr. Syed Tariq Sohail
The Vice ChancellorProf. Dr. Syed Hussain Mehdi
The Pro-Vice Chancellor

Mr. Syed Bulent Sohail

Mr. Syed Adnan Tariq Sohail

A judge of High Court to be nominated by the Chief Justice of the High Court of Sindh 
Two members of Provincial Assembly of Sindh to be nominated by the speakerMr. Pir Syed Saleh Shah Jilani
Mr. Jam Awais Bijar Khan Jokhio
The Chairman, Sindh Higher Education Commission or his nomineeProf. Dr. Tariq Rafi
The Chairman, Charter Inspection and Evaluation Committee or his nomineeProf. Dr. Tariq Rafi
Two Deans to be appointed by the Chancellor in consultation with the Vice ChancellorProf. Dr. Rizwana S. Waraich
Prof. Dr. Syed Jaffar Ahmed
The Secretary, Universities and Board or his nomineeMr. Khalid Hyder Shah
One nominee of the PartonSenator Mr. Taj Haider
The President, Pakistan Medical and Dental Commission
or his nominee
Prof. Dr. Rizwan Taj
President Chamber of Commerce and Industries
karachi or his representative
Mr. Muhammad Tariq Yousuf
One scientist of national and international repute to
be nominated by the Board
Two trustees nominated by the Trust

Mrs. Ghazala Sohail

Ms. Maham Sohail

Two persons of eminence representing various
discipline and professions nominated
by the Chancellor

Lt. Gr. (R) Mr. Moin Haider

Prof. Dr. Fadieleh A. Sohail

The Director of Finance and PlanningMr. Syed Adnan Tariq Sohail
The Registrar who shall act as the Secretory of the BoardDr. Sabeeh H. Jaffery