BS in Pakistan Studies is a progressive program both in its content and methodology. It draws its guidance from the enlightened and democratic ideals and values derived from both eastern and western sources. It is dedicated to the needs of the society in Pakistan in the contemporary environment. Its prime objective is to equip the students to comprehend the genesis, evolution and dynamics of the issues faced by the society, to enable them to offer innovative solutions, while being mindful of the genuine challenges of sustainability, ideals of progress and noble cause of service to the humanity beyond borders. To nurture a global outlook they would be familiarized with latest debates and experiments and cutting edge research around the world. 

The quality of education offered would be of world class standard achieved by inviting renowned scholars for distinguished lectures, on-line lectures and seminar participation by the outstanding intellectuals and scholars as well as policy makers active at the core of nation building.

The academic activities would inevitably include visits to the sites of historical, industrial, agricultural and environmental significance. With the aim of human capital formation, management and leadership training, the program would encourage those students to apply who have a mission to serve the country in their mind. The program would focus on cultivating a vision of Pakistan through a comprehensive and holistic approach of responsible citizenship, ensuring inclusion of all shades of diversity in Pakistan.    

The program is unique in that each student would receive applied, technical and professional training in each course and a sizeable proportion of assessment would be allocated to complete that component. This would also include small and medium term internships, contributing innovative technical solutions/products, and serving the unserved as a motto of being good humans.