Sohail University being a new emerging university has established Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) with a strong commitment to enhance the quality of its processes and provisions.

Quality Enhancement in higher education refers to the improvement of educational quality brought about through cycles of continuous improvement and innovation so that it becomes the culture of the educational organization. It’s an effort to ensure that a variety of formal mechanisms are in place to encourage reflection on performance, to identify areas for enhancement and improvement, and to monitor the impact of any action taken.

Quality Enhancement Cell at Sohail University endeavors to ensure the stakeholders that the teaching / learning practices are of high standard and all the academic programs meet the national/ international minimum standards. This is brought about by putting into practice internal and external quality assurance mechanisms.

Quality Assurance Agency of Higher Education Commission, Pakistan executes its policies through Quality Enhancement Cells established in all Higher Education Institutes of Pakistan. QEC at Sohail University not only ensures dissemination and implementation of all such policies but also spearheads collection, documentation and reporting of all the required university wide information to HEC after due approval of the Vice Chancellor.


To ensure the stakeholders that internal and external quality assurance frameworks are being applied to further improve the quality of education at Sohail University.

QEC at Sohail University aims to:

  • Create awareness about Quality assurance and further enhancement
  • Support governance and administration of the university as per the directives of national / international regulatory agencies.
  • Strengthen Feedback Mechanisms for making informed decisions
  • Ensure Self‐Assessment of individual Academic programs
  • Enable external quality assurance of academic programs by national and international accrediting bodies.
  • Assert maintenance of Quality Standards in all aspects of research, teaching, training and learning processes.