Priya Jarwar

Assistant Professor & Co-ordinator


Ph.D. Biotechnology from Institute of Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering, University of Sindh, Jamshoro 

B.S. Genetics from Institute of Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering, University of Sindh, Jamshoro  

Work Experience 

  1. Visiting Faculty of Molecular Biology & Genetics at Bhittai Institute of Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Sciences, Bhittai Dental College, Mirpurkhas from Feb 2021 to Mar 2022 
  1. Research Scholar at MBGD lab, Medical Research Center, Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences, Jamshoro from Jan 2015 to June 2020 
  1. Internee at Diagnostic & Research Laboratory, LUMHS, Hyderabad from Jul 2012 to Aug 2012 

Dr. Priya have completed her Ph.D. in Biotechnology with specialization in Molecular Biology. She has worked on Molecular basis of genetical disorder Congenital Cataract in families in Sindh region. During her research she gained command over molecular techniques i.e.; DNA isolation and Quantification, PCR, Primer designing, TETRA-ARMS assay, Genotyping, Sanger Sequencing & Single Nucleotide Polymorphism beside this she also learned & practiced Bioinformatic tools related to genome analysis and protein modeling.  


Congenital Cataract, Single Nucleotide Polymorphism, Molecular Biology Biotechnology,  


  1. Jarwar, Priya, et al. “Biallelic variants in EPHA2 identified in three large inbred families with early-onset cataract.” International Journal of Molecular Sciences 22.19 (2021): 10655.
  2. Jarwar, Priya, et al. “Association of single nucleotide polymorphism variations in CRYAA and CRYAB genes with congenital cataract in Pakistani population.” Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences 29.4 (2022): 2727-2732.