Syed Meesam Iftekhar Hussain Rizvi



  • M.B;B.S : 1998
  • M. Phil : 2008


  • Lecturer – JMDC ,01-09-2000 to 21-08-2008
  • Assistant Prof – JMDC 22-08-2008 to 30-06-2011
  • Associate Prof – JMDC   01-07-2011 to 20-08-2014
  • Professor – JMDC ,  21-08-2014 till date

Research Focus

  • Globally the estimated numbers of people living with some form of visual impairment are approximately 1.3 billion people. Among them cataract is one of the leading cause of blindness.  More than 51% of blindness is due to cataract. The largest number of blind people which is 11.76 million individuals (32.65% of the global blindness) resided in south Asia.
  • Cataract is a burden to the society and economy of any country both in terms of increase in blindness resulting in increase in non functional population and in terms of money spend on treatment of cataract. Therefore to avoid development of cataract it is necessary to understand mechanism of cataractogenesis.


  • Stem cell Research
  • Immunohistochemical Studies


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