Sohail University (SU) was founded in 2018, with an aim of promoting higher education with quality. It was awarded charter by the Government of Sindh, and recognized by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) Pakistan, Islamabad. Purpose of establishment of the University was to provide not just another degree awarding institution. But a place where innovative teaching and learning takes place.
Presently Sohail University has two campuses and both are run as per HEC guidelines. Recently after its approval, University has initiated departments of Bio-Sciences, Biotechnology, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Social Sciences, and Management Sciences.
The University imparts education to students for local and global leadership and generates new knowledge to solve problems that affect millions of people. Teachings at Sohail University are relevant to present local and global needs, Therefore Sohail University is striving to improve quality of life all over Pakistan through world-class teaching, research and health-care delivery. The University empowers young men and women to build support for pluralism, and to collaborate with local and international partners to achieve mutual goals.

The Quality Assurance (QA) And Quality Enhancement (QE)

Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Enhancement (QE) in higher education are a global challenge. These are one of the minimum requirements of education, learning and research. QA is a term covering all the policies, processes, procedures, systems, actions and practices. Through its quality of higher education, it is maintained, developed and enhanced.

The term QE stands for continuous improving and enhancing the standards, capacity and capabilities of institutions.
It enhances the quality of output and efficiency of the higher education learning systems. The major purpose of both is to improve quality of programs and enhance students’ learning. It demands improvement in the quality of higher education on a viable and sustainable basis. It is a continuous process of building confidence of the stakeholders. Therefore, in this regard at Sohail University QEC is established permanently. It is working effectively and trying to enhance capacity and improve services of Sohail University at three levels i. e. (a) students, (b) faculty and (c) management.

Sohail University Quality Enhancement Cell

The QEC was established at the Sohail University in 2018, to meet the guidelines set forth by the HEC. Sohail University management ensures quality in every dimension and in every manner, be it to provide infrastructure and ancillary facilities to students or to develop intellect in them. Therefore, with the above-mentioned aim. Presently, QEC at the University ensures planned and systematic review process of all its offered programs to determine whether or not acceptable standards of education, scholarship and infrastructure are being met, maintained, and enhanced.
The QEC is functioning under the Vice Chancellor. QEC staff is complete after induction of its Director and staff. The cell reports directly to Vice Chancellor. And also, correspondent with the outside bodies. QEC implements internal quality assurance mechanism of the University and fulfils expectations of those who are connected with the QEC. Therefore, the prime objective of Sohail University QEC is to practice and evaluative measures in order to achieve excellence in program delivery.

The QA is carried out through Self-assessment exercise by the QEC department with future objectives and institutional goals. Self-Assessment is documented in Self-Assessment Report which makes the basis of all future audits and reviews.
The QEC implements internal quality assurance mechanism of the University. This directly contributes in achieving higher accreditation status from relevant accreditation councils. Further, a better higher QEC level contributes towards better score in HEC annual ranking of Universities.

The quality enhancement is the joint responsibility of all stakeholders: students, teachers, departments, administration and the QEC. The QEC however, spearheads all quality enhancement efforts.