Bachelor of Dental Surgery Degree (BDS)


To set local and global standards for quality patient outcomes – creating a culture of excellence to promote a transformative experience for the 21st century clinicians, educators and researchers to benefit all humanity


We are committed to develop well rounded academics, thinkers, clinicians and researchers by strengthening a global view, broadening intellectual foundation and teaching effective communication.
It is our aspiration to cultivate creative and critical thinking skills for problem solving, sensitive to cultural and ethical values and responsibilities. Our graduates will be role models and leaders for society.


JMDC’s program curriculum conforms to the regulations and recommendations of the Pakistan Medical & Dental Council and is designed to integrate academic knowledge and clinical experience which emphasize the following goals:

  • Help students acquire relevant knowledge
  • Develop student communication skills, both oral and written
  • Promote team work
  • Instill compassion and empathy
  • Uphold Professionalism


A JMDC graduate should be able to:

  • Demonstrate insight, imagination and curiosity, define one’s unique self, one’s values and one’s place in the world, while incorporating the qualities of a good physician
  • Answer complex questions facing physicians, including the role they should play in society, politics and promotion of social justice
  • Engage in reflective practice through sound clinical decision making, critical self-assessment and commitment to lifelong learning
  • Demonstrate mastery of entry level professional clinical skills used to provide services based on best available evidence
  • Display enlightenment and moral virtues to prepare themselves for life and work in a problematic, changing and diverse world
  • Be responsible leaders for the good of themselves, their family, community and country
  • Be humane and socially equipped individuals, in tune with rights of patients and vulnerable groups
  • Show expertise in critical situational analysis
  • Respect diversity
  • Display effective communication
  • Be able to address population health and health system issues based on demography, statistics, epidemiology and cultural nuances

Values For Our Medical & Dental Graduates

  • Relevance
  • Equity
  • Quality
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Diversity
  • Social Justice


As per PMC rules and regulations.


DURATION: BDS (4 Years) followed by One-Year House Job