Dr. Ayesha Naseer Ahmed Akhter

Senior Lecturer


  • PhD Scholar from University of Karachi.
  • MPhil from University of Karachi.
  • Pharm-D from University of Karachi.

Work Experience

  • Senior Lecturer at Jinnah College of Pharmacy- Sohail University (Since December 2020)
  • Lecturer at Faculty of Pharmacy- Hamdard University (October 2017-November 2020)
  • Research Associate at International Center for Chemical and Biological Sciences (January 2014- February 2015)


Medicinal Chemistry, Computational Chemistry, Nanoparticles, Sensing Studies.


Book Chapter:

  1. Asia Naz Awan, Sabahat Abdullah, Ayesha Naseer, Muhammad Yasir Ali, Daulat Haleem Khan; The Emergence of Liposomes in Cancer Therapy; Cancer Targeting Therapies Conventional and Advanced Perspectives 1st Edition, 2023 by CRC press.

Research Article:

  1. Ayesha Naseer; Faisal Abdulrhman Osra; Asia Naz Awan; Aqeel Imran; Abdul Hameed; Adnan Ali; Jamshed Iqbal; Zainul Amiruddin Zakaia, Exploring Novel Pyridine carboxamide Derivatives as Urease Inhibitors: Synthesis, Molecular Docking, Kinetic studies and ADME profile, Pharmaceuticals, 2022, 15, 1288. https://doi.org/10.3390/ph15101288, Impact factor: 5.2
  2. Asia Naz, Itrat Tabish, Ayesha Naseer, Ahsan Zamir Siddiqi, Farhan Ahmed Siddiqui and Agha Zeeshan Mirza, “Green chemistry approach: method development and validation for identification and quantification of entecavir using FT-IR in bulk and pharmaceutical dosage form”, 7:75, Future Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2021.
  3. Ayesha Naseer, Kiran Amir Ali, Afaq Ahmed Siddiqui. “A retrospective study: correlation among HBA1C and serum lipid profile in karachi’s patients of type-II diabetes” 10(04), JPUMHS, 2020. (Y- Category)
  4. Fazia Fahim, Ayesha Naseer, Shakil Ahmed, Syed Tufail H. Sherazi, Muhammad Iqbal bhanger. “A green approach for the determination of selected anti-diabetic drugs in pharmaceutical formulation by transmission FT-IR spectroscopy”, Vol. 25. No. 11, Journal of Brazilian Chemical Society, November 2014. Impact Factor: 1.129.