Dr. Rabeea Rizwan

Assistant Professor


  • Diploma (Selective Photothermolysis) = Sindh Technical board (currently doing).
  • Diploma (Electroepilation short wave diathermy) = Sindh Technical board (2019).
  • Blend = Medical Aesthetic Centre (2020).
  • Cosmo-Derm Training = Canadian certified along with affiliation of Dow University of Health Science (2019).
  • Phil. (Pharmacology) = Ziauddin University (2019).
  • BDS = Liaqual College of Medicine and Dentistry (2010).


  • Assistant Professor of Pharmacology, May 2019-to date, Jinnah Medical and Dental College.
  • Lecturer of Pharmacology, 2014-2019, Ziauddin University, Karachi, Pakistan.
  • Lecturer of Pathology, 2013-2014, Sir Syed College of Medicine Sciences.
  • Clinical Internship, 2010-2011, Sindh Government Hospital, New Karachi.
  • House job, 2010-2011, Karachi Medical and Dental College and Abbassi Shaheed Hospital.

Research Focus

  • I have done my research on evaluation of different herbs to evaluate their effects on Candidiasis samples in-vitro during my Masters in Philosophy and now I want to take it further to molecular level for studying their anticandidal mode of actions and on which genome of candida they are affecting.
  • In addition, I would like to research on different clinical trials related to this and other infections. Though a recent clinical trial study is still doing to date.
  • Medical education is another field of interest and different research projects on it are still going yet.


  • Candidiasis, Molecular level; Pomegranate, antifungal and medical education.


In Pakistan Journal of Medicine and Dentistry (PJMD)

  • Candidiasis in Perspective of Pakistan. (Review article; PJMD – Vol.7 (July – September 2018), Issue 3. Page no. 46-52).
  • Prevalence and Sensitivity Patterns of Candidal Infections in Various Tertiary Care Health Subunits of Karachi. DOI: 10.4236/ijcm.2018.99054. (IJCM – Vol.9 No.9, September 2018. Page no. 645-659).
  • In-Vitro Comparison of Antifungal Activity of Herbs (Darehald and Pomegranate) with Azoles. DOI: 10.4236/ijcm.2018.99059 (IJCM – Vol.9 No.9, September 2018. Page no. 703 – 715).
  • Pharmacology Quiz as an Effective Tool to Induce a Paradigm Shift and Motivate Students to Study (in publication procedure) contributed in this project with the faculty Pharmacology Department, JMDC.
  • A cross sectional study assessing the adherence of antidepressive treatment and beliefs about anti-depressant medications on the outcome of treatment in patients of major depressive disorder (in publication procedure). Contributed with the work of Head of Department of Pharmacology, JMDC.