Imran Afzal

Professor & HOD


M.B.B.S from Sindh Medical College
M.C.P.S (Forensic Medicine) College of Physician And Surgery


Working in Jinnah Medical & Dental College as a Assistant Professor Associate Professor and Professor in Department of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology Since 2004 till now
Research Focus

The study was aimed to evaluate the cases of suicide using organophosphorous compounds as intoxicant with the objective to bring up possible preventive measures based upon modifiable factors associated with lethality.
This retrospective study was based upon 66 patients of poisoning treated at intensive care unit of ward No . 5 JPMC Karachi during a period of one year from January 2010 to 2010. Out of 66 cases of poisoning 38 were of organophosphorous compounds (OPC) poisoning 20 males and 18 females.
Most of the cases (63%) of OPC poisoning were in age range of 20-40 years, 33 (86.84%) were of suicidal poisoning while 5 (13.16%)had accidental poisoning and 57% reported to treatment facility within 6 hours.


Toxicology, Lethality Suicide,Insecticide


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