Nadia Younus

Assistant Professor


  • M.Phil. (Anatomy) = Baqai Medical University (2016)
  • Masters of Bioethics = Aga Khan University (2014)
  • M.B; B.S. = Karachi Medical and Dental College (2004)


  • Teaching Experience of Anatomy = 7 years
  • Teaching Experience as Assistant Professor = 3 years

Research Focus

  • Interested in working on diverse topics, ranging from different body organs at molecular level through histomorphological and immunohistochemical studies; topics related to clinical application of anatomy into surgery, medicine and physiotherapy; topics including biomarkers; topics related to biomedical ethics and medical education.


  • Biomarkers; Histomorphology of body organs; Morphometric studies;
    Immunohistochemistry; biomedical ethics and medical education.


  • Effect of propranolol; rifampicin induced hepatotoxicity in rabbit’s liver. Professional Med J 2017
  • • A morphometric study to observe the toxic effect of cyclosporine on splenic tissue of rat ameliorated with nigella sativa. International Journal of Pathology 2017