Sahrish Mukhtar

Assistant Professor


  • M.Phil. (Anatomy) = Ziauddin University (2016)
  • M.B; B.S. = Karachi Medical and Dental College (2004)


  • Teaching Experience of Anatomy = 7 years
  • Teaching Experience as Assistant Professor = 3 years

Research Focus

  • I have done my research on Retinal Nerve Fibre Layer (RNFL) thickness during my Masters in Philosophy and now I want to take it further to molecular level for studying various factors observed during my research.
  • In addition, I would like to research on cancer related topics and how different risk factors are related to it.
  • Medical education is another field of interest.


  • RNFL; Molecular level; cancer; risk factors and medical education.


  • Sphenoid Sinus Anatomical Relations and their Implications in Endoscopic
    Sinus Surgery, International Journal of Medical Research & Health Sciences
  • Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia; Correlation Of Prostate Gland Volume With Age
    & Anthropometric Parameters In Patients The Professional Medical Journal
  • Family History of Glaucoma: A Predictive Factor? Ophthalmology Research:
    An International Journal 2016
  • Positive Correlation of Thyroid Gland Volume with Isthmus Dimensions and
    with Anthropometric Parameters through a Cross Sectional Study on Karachi
    Population British Journal of Medicine & Medical Research 2016