Zainab Hasan

Assistant Professor


  • MBBB, Karachi University
  • MSc, University of London
  • MBBB, Karachi University
  • AD-HPE, Aga Khan University
  • MSPH, Dow University of Health Sciences


  • Assistant Professor Jinnah Medical and Dental College/Sohail University

Research Focus

  • A public health specialist with keen interest in applied and qualitative research for development of sustainable cost effective interventions and evidence based policy. Key area of interest are communicable and non-communicable diseases with a focus on preventive aspects of nutrition, activity, social, lifestyle and environmental factors. Focus of research contribution is also to facilitate and mentor all level of researchers to attain methodological rigour in their projects so they may produce high quality scientific research output.


  • Professional Listing: Public Health, Research, Medical Education
  • Research Interest Listing: Nutrition, Physical Activity, Social Determinants, Lifestyle


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  • Saeed Z, Hasan Z, Sohail FA. Use of camel milk among type II diabetics of Karachi: a cross sectional survey. Professional Med J 2015; 22(9):1159-1163 DOI: 10.17957/TPMJ/15.2938
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