• To act as sentinel for Quality Enhancement in Sohail University educational activities.
  • To facilitate an enabling, quality, learning environment while enriching the academic and intellectual landscape to produce future leaders for the country.
  • To adopt best practices to develop the Sohail University into a world class institution.
  •  To establish quality assurance processes and evaluation methods in order to maintained standard.
  • To improve qualifications framework that is being expected from the degree holders, (graduate/Master, M. Phil, or a Doctoral degree).
  •  To promote public confidence that the quality and standards in the award of degrees are continuously enhanced and safeguarded.
  • To analyze standards set by HEC, of quality and make sure the teaching and learning quality.
  • The analyze academic affiliations with external Councils/Accreditation Bodies in terms of maintaining programs quality.
  • To elaborate standards for periodic review. It also helps the employees to know as to what is expected of them.
  • To develop quality assurance procedures are mandatory to apply for maintaining and improve the quality of higher education.
  • To develop quality assurance procedures are mandatory to apply for maintaining and improve the quality of higher education.
  • Approval of new program
  • Program specifications.
  • To update the Course Catalog issued by the University.
  • Quality assurance in degree programs.
  • Annual Monitoring and Evaluation of Faculty and student’s program.
  • To assess Departmental performance.
  • To implement process of Student feedback.
  • Employer feedback.
  • Subject review.
  • Institutional assessment.
  • Research Journal.
  • Bulletin Review.
  • Similarity Index Control.
  • Annual Report.
  • To improve the faculty and administration performance through awareness sessions.
  • To update the Course Catalog including programs offered by Sohail University.
  • To assure quality assurance in degree programs
  •  To facilitate in an external evaluation and accreditation.
  •  To improve Capability of faculty members of institutions to meet the rising needs.
  •  To keep up to date knowledge of modern teaching and research standards.
  •  To understand Self-Assessment (SA) of programs is required to be conducted annually by all departments with association of external reviewer.
  • To carry out internal audit every year, which is to be followed by external review on yearly bases.
  • To create systematic academic and administrative monitoring, upgrade students learning environment, and solve grievances.
  • To ensure the current programs meet their objectives and institutional goals that is recommended by Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) of the Higher Education Commission (HEC).